Tusi Bohm Planetarium – This is the first planetarium in Azerbaijan, equipped with the latest technology for the modern era. The viewers in the planetarium can travel through the riches of space with an image on a 10 meter screen, obtained with the help of 2 strong projectors based on the 4K principle. 

This place covers all age groups, leads the function of education and training of the population.

Software Planetarium allows to travel in any point of the sky at any time, to reduce both to supervise processes occurring during millennium, and to create a special film, show, excursion on this subject. Here you can watch movies, cartoons, traveling in space and documentary films.

In the Planetarium, along with documentaries aimed at scientific and educational purposes, special shows prepared by the instructor are also organized.

Planetarium is intended for 58 spectators. 
The films are shown in Azerbaijani and several foreign languages.

               Contact phones:

               (+994 12) 598 74 44

               (+994 12) 598 74 00

               Fax: 012 498 05 58

               Address: Baku, Neftchilar avenue, Park Bulvar Trade Center (4th floor)

               E-mail: info@planetarium.az  

               Website: www.planetarium.az   

               Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Tusi.Bohm.Planetarium