More than 100 monographs, books, textbooks, catalogues, scientific books were written and published by astronomers during the activities of the Observatory. 120 issues of the journal ”Circular of SHAO” published, which has a history of 40 years. Since 2006, the Azerbaijan Astronomical Journal has been published and until 2013 the 26 issues of the journal were published. In addition, the Observatory also participates in the publication of the English-language international journal "The Sun and the Geosphere". During the existence of the SHAO, its employees managed to publish more than 2500 articles in foreign and local journals.

A number of international and republican symposiums and conferences were held in Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory. Among them are the congresses of the International Federation of Cosmonautics (1972), conferences devoted to the study of magnetic stars (1973, 1976), the Astronomical Council of the Plenum of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1984),Tusi-800 Meetings (8 conferences in 1998-2002), Cyclic and cosmological problems”(2003), “International Conference dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the founding of SHAO” (2013) and others.

During the SHAO activity, observatory employees work on a number of topical issues with foreign astronomers. Close cooperation originated with Russia, Germany, Israel, Bulgaria, Georgia and with other individual astronomical organizations of the countries on the issues of solar physics and solar-terrestrial problems. Together with employees of several observatories of Russia (Russian Academy of Sciences, Sternberg Astronomical Institute of Moscow State University, St.Petersburg State University, etc.), research is being conducted in the field of star physics.

According to the research of comets and meteorites, close ties were established with astronomers from Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan and other countries, and they are working together. SHAO employees regularly and actively participate in congress, symposium and conferences held in foreign countries, informing world astronomers about the work done at the observatory. Mobile installation of the famous Stanford University operates in the territory of the Observatory.