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The International Journal of Research and Applications

Vol.3 - No.1 - 2008

Editor-in-Chief: Elchin BABAYEV

Guest Editors: Peter Velinov, Rositza Koleva
and Arnold Hanslmeier

Editoral board


  1. Expected Radiation Hazard at Different Phases of Solar Cycle Based
    on Statistical Properties of Solar Energetic Particle Fluencies
    L.I. Dorman, L. Pustil'nik (-233 kb)
  2. Cosmic Ray Showers and their Relation to the Stratospheric
    Sudden Warmings
    N. A. Kilifarska, Y. K. Tassev, D. Y. Tomova (-636 kb)
  3. Cosmic Rays and Space Weather Effects: Methods of Forecasting
    L.I. Dorman (-64 kb)
  4. Muon Telescopes at Basic Environmental Observatory Moussala
    and South-West University Blagoevgrad
    I. I. Angelov, E. S. Malamova, J. N. Stamenov (-328 kb)
  5. Recent Cosmic Ray Studies with Lead Free Neutron Monitor at Basic
    Environmental Observatory Moussala
    A. Mishev, A. Bouklijski, L. Visca, O. Borla, J. Stamenov, A. Zanini
    (-106 kb)
  6. Inverse Problems for Great Solar Energetic Particle Event:
    Monitoring by Network Stations and Forecasting
    L.I. Dorman
  7. Large Scale Field Aligned Current derived from Intercosmos-Bulgaria-1300 Satellite. Comparison with Empirical Models
    D. Danov, P. Nenovski
    (-163 kb)
  8. Sonification for the Analysis of Plasma Bubbles at 21 MHz
    Wanda L. Diaz-Merced, Robert M. Candey, John C. Mannone, Fields David, Emilio Rodriguez
  9. The Solar Wind Energy Input Rate and Recovery of the Magnetospheric Ring Current during the Last Two Solar Cycles
    L. Biktash (Sizova)
  10. The Importance of Heat Conduction and Viscosity in Solar Corona
    and Comparison of Magnetohydrodynamic Equations of One-Fluid
    and Two-Fluid Structure in Current Sheet
    Umit Deniz Goker(-193kb)

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The IHY Newsletter June 2008
4th UN Basic Space Sciences-IHY Workshop Held in Bulgaria;
First Results from UNBSS-IHY Observatory Network Reported!
The Fourth United Nations Basic Space Sciences Workshop on the International Heliophysical Year hosted by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences during June 2-6, 2008 in Sozopol, Bulgaria. The workshop was attended by ~160 participants from more than 40 countries. The meeting was cosponsored by ESA, NASA, and JAXA along with the UN and the Solar-Terrestrial Influences Laboratory of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. J. Davila and N. Gopalswamy represented the IHY Secretariat. Representatives of many of the observatory networks were present during the workshop. Professors Yumoto and Chilingarian received commendations from UNCOUPOS for deploying the large networks of IHY instruments.

The main theme of the workshop was "First Results from the International Heliophysical Year 2007". First results from the IHY networks were presented along with scientific developments in various countries. In total, 70 Oral presentations and 92 Poster presentations were made.

The following were the main scientific sessions:

Opening session, Climate, Heliobiology, Solar Physics (3), Heliosphere, Cosmic Rays, IMF, Magnetospheres, Ionosphere, High and Middle Atmosphere (2), Access to data of the Sun-Earth system, Instruments and Networks (4), Participation of nations in IHY and BSS, and Closing session.
It was decided that the papers presented at the workshop will be published in the Sun and Geosphere Journal.

Nat Gopalswamy
(12 June 2008)




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